"Each track on Dan Kibler (Kool Kat Musik) is simply begging and pleading to be beamed across the airwaves.

Dan’s fluid vocals twang with emotion, and there’s not a minute of downtime to be found on the album. The tunes move with grace and precision.
Country on top, rock in the middle and power pop around the edges, Dan Kibler promises something for everybody. A five star review from me!" - by Beverly Paterson - SOMETHING ELSE. read the FULL review click here
Kibler's tunes remain rooted in pop yet have a world-weary tinge of Americana to them" - Absolute Powerpop. read the Full Review click here

These songs are so direct and catchy that spinning this album is kinda like hearing a greatest hits compilation - read the Full Review click here

 The standout jangly tracks are the very catchy “When Johnny Comes Home,” “Is It True".  Kibler is a master songwriter who knows how to hold a listener’s ear. -  Eric Sorensen - JANGLE ON Column - PopGeekHeaven 

One moment he's regaling in pure pop ecstasy ("The Misunderstood","When Johnny Comes Home"), the next he's dipping into brezzy Americana ("Another Day,"Broken Bent & Bound")- Lee Zimmerman - No Depression Magazine. - click here

I don’t know if Dan Kibler’s new album (conveniently titled Dan Kibler) will lead me to the twangier side of the tracks, but his album is a winner, no matter how you classify it. - Bill Kopp - MUSOSCRIBE -  to read the Full Review - click here



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First Single from the 2012 Kibler album.Filmed in Harrisburg at SUPER SECRET LOCALE.
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